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Punctual, efficient, and fantastic describe the team perfectly. Communication was prompt and very helpful. I definitely plan to use their services again.
E. McCord15/07/2024
Fabulous team! They took extra precautions with my items and worked very efficiently. I am completely satisfied!
Dalia Shore17/06/2024
The group that came and the box delivery people were exceptionally professional, streamlining our move.
T. Salcido29/05/2024
Congratulations on the outstanding work done by this exceptional team.They were punctual and careful, making sure everything went smoothly.No unpleasant shocks or disappointments in the end.A truly expert operation that was a joy to work with.Thank you.
W. Simonson22/04/2024
My move was made easy and seamless thanks to these talented individuals!
E. Lamb17/04/2024
I was grateful for France Removals' carefulness and attention to detail when handling all of my personal belongings during the move.
Tyla C.09/04/2024
Thanks to these recommended movers, my move was completed in a timely and efficient manner without any issues or delays.
Alaysia L.21/03/2024
I am grateful for the impeccable service showcased by the movers during my move.
Breeanna Blank16/03/2024
Two thumbs up for this team! Used their services twice and each time they have demonstrated unwavering consistency in delivering top-quality work.
Amalia D.11/03/2024
The movers from Removal Companies were skilled experts who made sure that my furniture arrived unscathed.
Susannah F.28/02/2024
We highly recommend this company for any future moves based on our outstanding experience with them.
M. Holm18/02/2024
Thank you to the team at this moving company for their exceptional work during my recent move. Their professionalism and careful handling of my belongings greatly exceeded my expectations.
Hailee Bernstein13/02/2024
I am extremely grateful for the top-notch service I received when moving, especially since time was of the essence.
Brandi Briones08/02/2024
Superior movers- settled on their services to assist with our move in the bustling streets of central London.
Elvis K.03/02/2024
With their dedication and hard work, this team completed my move smoothly within the estimated time frame and without causing any damage.
W. Rosario29/01/2024
The team at Moving to France are true professionals, working quickly and neatly during our move to ensure everything went smoothly.
Kali Etheridge24/01/2024
The head office and workers were extremely communicative as we prepared for our move. They were efficient in executing everything, and we were pleasantly surprised by the additional packing materials they provided.
B. Fallon19/01/2024
We had a fantastic experience working with Removals considering that we were in need of quick services due to a no-show from our previous mover. On top of that, they showed up as promised on the following day and completed the move from our third floor home in just five hours - leaving all our furniture intact! The team were so respectful as well - definitely recommended!
K. Luna27/01/2023
Wonderful moving service, friendly team and low cost! The service of Removals to France was flawless! Couldn't have asked for more!
E. David25/11/2016
The best offer I got for office removals was from Moves to France and I immediately took the chance since we were in a hurry to move the office. The job did not take long at all and the professionals from the company were very fast and friendly about it. They managed to get the office across town in no time at all and we were ready for work by the next day. Superb work, will be recommending them to others for sure!
Y. Cintron28/10/2016
Me and my partner wanted to move in together at a totally new place but were both a little tight on our time. Considering the stuff needed to be moved from two different places into a third place, it would be time consuming. We decided to hire movers and packers to do the moving for us and somehow, we ended up choosing Removal Companies and they didn't let us down. Although it was a straightforward job, we are glad it was done well.
R. Carrillo27/04/2015
I am very much impressed by everything RemovalsFrance did for me. I had to move on short notice and I knew that I wouldn't have enough time to plan all the packing properly. Yet, these people helped me a lot. Not only did they carry everything and not only did they transport everything without one scratch, but they also helped me with packing and unpacking services too. Good job!
Erick Mercer29/01/2015
I wasn't moving a long distance but I had a lot of stuff that I wanted to move at once. I was afraid that most companies would not accept my contract or that they would leave me stranded if a better paying job came by. But RemovalsFrance not only assuaged my fears, they did such an outstanding job with my move that I now recommend them to everyone I know! Efficient and meticulous - there is no better moving service in this area than them!
Rory Sheehan03/12/2014
When I started calling around different removals companies I was a little put off by the fact that I normally do things by myself - but in this case I'm glad that I didn't! - they were really great. From first calling them to the blokes that arrived at the door. Nice manners and very professional! This is definitely a firm that I'll be calling again! RemovalsFrance are a good removals company!
Keenan S.04/11/2014
I wouldn't choose any removals company apart from RemovalsFrance. This removals company is the best one in the area in my opinion and I would trust no other company but this one to handle my move. I have used them time and time again and each time they amaze me with their professionalism. So for that reason, I would like to recommend them to you! Do not hesitate to hire them!
Leila Mazur18/09/2014
I will be the first to admit that I thought we could get the removal sorted on our own steam, but having seen the way in which RemovalsFrance tackled the move, it was actually a bit of a wake up call. I was very impressed by how easily they got the whole thing done, when I was already sweating having to think about the job! We will certainly be using them again, and I hope that no one else bothers trying to do the job themselves like I was going to!
Danielle Billingsley10/09/2014
RemovalsFrance really helped me on my moving day. As a student I needed affordable removal help, but I didn't want to hire anyone that wasn't experienced as I didn't want to see my belongings get damaged or broken! This company's student removal service was really professional and a lot more helpful than I could have imagined. The price was really competitive and it was worth the money for such a thorough and efficient removal service. I've recommended them to everyone I know who's moving over the summer and if you want reliable student removals help then this is a great company for you!
Ivette K.25/07/2014
You can count on RemovalsFrance for a great student move. I could not afford to hire a van, but their man and van service was exactly what I needed in terms of budget and help. You can go with all sorts of different ways of getting the job done, but I am really glad that I went with the team from RemovalsFrance as they made my life so much easier that it was pretty unbelievable! I will happily be recommending them to the rest of my friends at university!
L. Lamb16/07/2014
With regards to getting the best for your money, RemovalsFrance are exactly what you need if you want a cost effective man and van service. I have found them to be extremely useful in ensuring that we got all of our things moved easily, and I was very pleased to see how cheap it ended up being. The driver was great, and very helpful, so there is not much more that you could ask for in my opinion! I will certainly be recommending these guys to my friends, and suggest that anyone reading this do the same!
B. Atwell07/07/2014
I have no idea why the process of moving home has to be so difficult, but I think I've found a way around that now. I've watched people struggle with the moving process in the past and I've watched as people have tried and failed to move in an easy fashion. Thankfully, I'm happy to report that RemovalsFrance made sure that all of my move was pretty easy. They took care of all of the difficult stuff and I was left just thinking about how to settle into the new home. Very easy and would definitely recommend. Great service.
Kailee Salerno26/06/2014
Picked these guys from a massive potential cast of suitors on the basis of their stated expertise with china, glassware and items of fragile nature. They treated my valuable collection with care and respect at all times and packed and moved everything calmly and expertly. If you own such items or indeed value your possessions then you absolutely have to use RemovalsFrance. They know what to do to ensure your stuff doesn't get damaged or compromised by a moving operation. I've had other movers transport my stuff before and they weren't half as careful.
Christian P.11/06/2014
Happy, happy, happy! I moved house recently and believe it or not, it was actually quite a joyous experience. That may seem strange because who finds moving joyous? But believe you me, it was actually very fun and that is because we hired the best help money can buy. Yes having been recommended to hire RemovalsFrance by a friend, I thought I'd try them out, and they certainly lived up to expectations if not more. Because they had everything taken care of pronto, I didn't stress at all, and we even found time to crack a few jokes, thanks again for all your hard work!
Jovani B.02/06/2014
My business has been using different delivery and removal companies since we got started, and we've used a ton of different ones over the years. We've had some terrible experiences, some good ones, and some average ones. A major problem for our company is that even the better removal firms are a bit of a pain to deal with because they can be so damn pricey! That's why I'm delighted to have come across RemovalsFrance. They were recommended to me by a friend and I feel I owe them a drink! We certainly won't be using anyone else from now on.
Kianna W.21/05/2014
Hiring a professional removal company doesn't have to be a luxury you can't afford. With RemovalsFrance, it is certainly a luxury, but definitely not unaffordable. I have hired this removal company time and time again for various removal needs and I have to say, they always impress me with their brilliant removal services. If you desperately seek help with your move, don't be afraid to get in touch with this removal company. They're lovely and the staff is very friendly indeed. I recommend them! Their prices are so great and yet their services are great too! It's a miracle!
Jaxon Burrows13/05/2014
In so many ways, I am sure that RemovalsFrance are at the top of their game. You just don't find companies who you feel are committed to making your life easier whilst you go through a tough process like a removal. When that company does an amazing job on your removal, and for a price that was much lower than their competition, then you know you have a winner! I will be using the team again, and suggest that those reading this whilst looking for a removals company get in touch with them to at least hear about what they do, it is amazing!
Clarence Rush08/05/2014
While my friends were always telling me about RemovalsFrance and how much I should hire them, it wasn't until I finally relented and called them that I noticed the real difference. Whereas other companies would say that they were cheap, these guys were the only ones who were able to actually provide the services which I really needed and to be able to do so at a really cheap price. No other company could match what they had to offer and I was so happy when they were able to follow through on this early promise.
Eryn G.29/04/2014
Should you find yourself in a removals pickle, do as I did, and call up RemovalsFrance. They made all the difference on my recent move, and it was not without surprise that I watched them get the job done with skill and ease, ensuring that everything was safe and sound as it was moved from one place to the other. I was very well looked after by the team, as were my belongings, and I really could not have done it without them. I'll only be using these guys in the future, and would recommend that everyone give them a try!
Cristopher J.16/04/2014
As someone who's never used a removal service before, I wasn't too sure of what to expect when I called up the removal company. I was hoping for a friendly mover who knew what he was talking about, and who wouldn't be put off by all of the stairs up to my new flat. Luckily for me that's exactly what I got with RemovalsFrance. I got the help that I needed and my house move was really easy and almost enjoyable. I'd use this company again and again because of their friendly services and fantastic prices! I'd give them a ten out of ten!
Jessie K.03/04/2014
I was recommended RemovalsFrance by a friend, and all I can say is that they were brilliant. As I am working a lot of hours and have a family I find it hard to get things sorted. When it came to moving to a bigger house I knew I needed all the help I could get. But these guys were great from start to finish. I arranged for the packing, loading, unloading and unloading to be done as we just didn't have the time. All of this simply went so efficiently I just cannot praise this firm enough they were excellent.
Elias Irizarry27/03/2014
All I wanted was to move home, but I was quite worried after having heard a few horror stories from friends. After getting a recommendation, however, I put in a call to RemovalsFrance. I got their details from someone who was not only happy with his move, but absolutely delighted. And so I thought that they might well be able to help me. And they could, to the extent that I'm now passing on their details to those who were burned previously by bad movers. Great services, and at a good price as well, which was a nice surprise.
C. Cardoza19/03/2014
To keep things short, I must say that this was the easiest move that I've ever embarked upon. It was with their help that we managed to get out of our old home and into the new home with every single thing we own remaining intact. They treated us like royalty throughout and took extra care with a few boxes which we knew to be particularly delicate. Their approach really made a difference to the quality of our move, so I would suggest that when you're moving home, you do everything you can to hire RemovalsFrance right away.
Derick Nunes05/03/2014
I'd been dreading the big move for months. We had the house on the market and all the while I was terrified of how we were just going to get everything where it needed to go. As the paperwork went by, it was getting more and more worrying and I did not know what to do. That was until a friend passed along the contact information for RemovalsFrance. One chat to them and I knew they were the right choice for us. They handled everything, and at a really low price. I even passed on their details to our estate agent, and I told them about how great they were for helping us out.
Mina Watson28/02/2014
If you need a commercial vehicle for any purpose, let me put my recommendation forward for RemovalsFrance. They have a whole range of moving services from what I can see and van hire is the lowest level, but they still really make you feel like they care. I thought you could only hire a couple of types of van, but these guys have so many different ones! They talked me through the options and really went the extra mile (excuse pun) to make sure I had the right vehicle. The price was good as well, making this just an excellent service. Will be coming back.
P. Leary17/02/2014
I've been searching for the right moving company for so long. I'm a frequent mover, going from one place to the next at least once every couple of years. So when it comes to moving, I know what I need and I know what works best for me. For far, the only company who have really done their best to provide this is RemovalsFrance. They took what I needed on board, gave me a really great price and then carried out the service to perfection. I have no bother recommending their service to everyone else, and I'd suggest that everyone should give them a call.
Denise T.06/02/2014
Not a single item damage, stolen, bumped or dirtied! I felt like I had died and gone to heaven as each box was opened after our move to find every precious item in tact! Never in a million years did I expect RemovalsFrance to be able to deliver on their promise of delivering every single delicate piece of china safely to our new offices; but that is exactly what they managed to do without even breaking a sweat. The fact that you sent a team of packers with specialized boxes and wrapping plastic to get everything packed was when we realized how professional your company truly was. Thank you for the care you took and offering us a discount to accommodate a very tight budget.
Adamaris C.31/01/2014
The office removals service provided by this company is a really remarkable service. I've had to move offices before and I had a very bad time with the company I'd previously hired, and so I really took my time when it came to researching office removal services in the area this time around. RemovalsFrance seemed like a really reliable company and I was very pleased with their service. They were professional, efficient and very cheap as well. If I move offices again then this is definitely the company I'll be calling as I really am very impressed with their skills and professionalism.
M. Nickel26/01/2014
RemovalsFrance gave me all of the help my employees and I were in dire need of when it came to our office relocation! I had no idea where to even begin when it came to planning and preparing for the big office move, but the staff at this company were really friendly and helpful. They managed to put all my fears to rest and when moving day rolled around I wasn't feeling any pressure at all! Now all of my staff and I are settled into our new office and it's all thanks to this fantastic removal service!
Coy C.21/01/2014
Something about RemovalsFrance made me decide to take a punt on them. It was probably the person that I spoke to on the phone, who seemed really friendly. I was happy to find that the rest of the team were the same; game for a laugh but also very hard working and efficient with their time. You never really know whether you are going to get a good deal until you have tried a removals company out, and in this case I was very, very pleased with the result!
Valentin B.08/01/2014
When you need a good removals team, make sure that you give RemovalsFrance a call. You will find them to be wonderfully patient with even the first time mover, like I was! The guys from the removals crew were extremely on point and made sure that nothing went awry throughout the process, so that I was moved quickly and easily, with no incidents to report! If you anyone out there needs a great removals company to help them get their stuff shifted, then they would do well to use this lot, as there was nothing at all bad to say about them!
Cameron Bender03/01/2014
Moving with RemovalsFrance was one of the best decisions I made during the home removal process. I had a lot of trouble selling my house and the last thing I wanted was a disorganized removal company. But I was pleasantly surprised with RemovalsFrance as they were reliable, friendly and professional. They worked to mould their services to better accommodate my schedule and financial budget. Their staff knew exactly how to pack to utilize the most space in the boxes while maintaining safety of my belongings. This man and van service is definitely worth a call back.
Jamarcus D.28/12/2013
I was really impressed with how RemovalsFrance handled my home move. Their service was accommodating and affordable and they provide advice throughout every stage in the process. From the moment I called in to arrange the move, their staff were friendly and helpful. They were able to customize their service to better suit my needs and their staff worked at a time that was most convenient for me. They even called after move in day to ensure that everything was as I expected and there were no residual problems. I couldn't recommend RemovalsFrance more, I would definitely hire them again.
Abigail G.23/12/2013
I needed a man and van service for some light removals. I didn't need full service, just a little assistance in moving some belongings between apartments. RemovalsFrance provided reliable and customizable man and van service that was perfectly suited for my needs. I needed my larger furniture wrapped and moved into the moving van. I simply wasn't able to do this task on my own and needed to move fragile items. They were able to wrap and move these belongings in no time. The furniture was safely packed in the moving van and I felt confident. RemovalsFrance is a great service.
Maximiliano Roper18/12/2013
There is a huge amount to be said for ‘service with a smile', as it can completely change the way in which a process goes. You find that moving house is difficult without a team of people to ensure that you are doing at all correctly, but if that team are all really lovely and helpful, then it is twice as easy. RemovalsFrance were fantastically helpful and clever about the moving process, so that I felt relaxed about everything, whilst the job went on with no damages or mishaps of any kind. A great company with wonderful staff, thanks!
Morgan C.05/12/2013
My move was something that needed to happen quickly and I hadn't been able to prepare for it. Knowing I had a lot of work ahead of me, I decided to call RemovalsFrance for some help. They did what I was hoping, telling me about the process and offering their services. Their team was at my home the next day and within a few hours, they had packed up all my goods securely. They drove things to my new address and so I was able to move out in just one day! I didn't think my move could be so easy.
Tate Crow11/08/2013
I need to move out of my flat soon and so I called RemovalsFrance for help. When they suggested their Man and Van service, I was uncertain. I didn't think just one person could handle everything but they proved me wrong. They sent an expert remover and he was able to pack all my things, carry them from the building, drive them to my new home, take everything inside and unpack. The entire process was over before I knew it and so I will recommend them to everyone.
E. Riggins11/07/2013
I had moved home before several years earlier and after all the difficulty I had, I decided to call a removal firm straight away. I phoned France Removals because I knew they would be able to give me advice and tips and they did just that. They made sure I knew everything about the process so when I had to choose what services I required, I knew exactly what needed. They gave me a free quote and soon their team was at my home, packing my things and taking them to my new address. The next time I move I will definitely contact them again.
Ernest B.06/07/2013
Me and my wife had been eager to move home for a long time so when the opportunity arose we leaped at the chance. Not wanting anything to go wrong, we got in touch with France Removals without delay. With them at our side everything from packing and transport, to storage and cleaning were handled and we soon found ourselves in a new home without any of the stress or exhaustion that comes with a move. We wanted a swift and simple move and got it, all thanks to them.
Cristopher B.01/07/2013
I was about to move home when my dad told me about Removals to France. They had helped him with his move and would be able to do the same for me. I rang them up and immediately saw why he had recommended them. The operators alone were knowledgeable people who told me everything about moving home. Before I knew it, I had agreed with their free quote and had a team safely pack all my things and take them to my new house. They know have the backing of my entire family if you are about to move.
Lillie L.26/06/2013
Moving France were the only company who agreed to remove my custom designed bed with overhead wardrobes. All other companies stated that they would not dismantle or remove any items that they could not assemble or accommodate in their removal vehicles, which left me feeling very dismayed. The friendly, hardworking, dedicated staff at Moving France, handled the removal face on, without moaning, fussing or complaining. They got on with their work and managed to remove my most expensive piece of furniture without any problems at all. A company that can accommodate each and every need of a client is a company worth praising!
Rohan T.07/06/2013
Want to move an office? Call RemovalsFrance! Want to remove large furniture? Call RemovalsFrance! Want to remove your belongings into a new home? There is nothing that RemovalsFrance cannot handle, as I have recently discovered when I hired services to remove both my office and my personal domestic belongings. This company really is a delight to work with and made my moving experience an absolute delight. I would use this company time and time again and I can say without any hesitations that this company is by far the best out there.
R. Munoz02/06/2013
I hired Removals to France to handle my removal not long back. From the first phone call that I ever made, I was impressed by how caring and professional the staff was. This was further confirmed when the removal men came over and started taking over the removal. Not only were they professional and caring, but they were also very friendly and it's always nice to be in the company of smiling people. Time flew in their company and before I knew it I was standing in my new house. This is exactly how removals should be done.
Quinn G.28/05/2013
My daughter was moving in with her boyfriend and had a lot of books to move. We were told how well RemovalsFrance were so we got in touch for a price. RemovalsFrance came and explained how they could help with boxing and packaging for us and what other services were available. They worked around us with work and were just excellent to deal with, nothing was too much trouble and the whole service they did for us was simply exceptional. The cost was competitive too. Overall, I could not be happier. I highly recommend them.
Linda T.23/05/2013
I had bought several rental properties and had a stack of new furniture to distribute between them. RemovalsFrance did an absolutely terrific job, I had no delays and the team worked nonstop. Everything arrived to each house on time and there were no breakages it was all handled with care. RemovalsFrance provided a grand package, and the workers from the office to the movers were polite and friendly. I was pleased with the cost as well. A brilliant service...brilliant staff...brilliant prices - what more could you possibly ask for?!
Samaria Shaffer18/05/2013
I am incredibly happy with the removal services of France Removals. Because I work full-time, I have very little time to do anything else, so I let this removals company handle my whole move - from beginning to end. The team took care of everything; the planning, packing, and transit. It really helped me out a lot because, as a full-time careerist, I don't have much time on my hands and moving, as you probably know, is extremely time-consuming.
Alaysia Woodall13/05/2013
As a university student, I am forever on a tight budget. So when I went home for the summer holidays and needed somewhere to store my valuables, I didn't have a clue who to turn to. I thought it'd be impossible to find a decent removals company that would be affordable. My girlfriend told me I should use France Removals. She said they were brilliant and affordable too. I rang their office and I spoke to a lovely lady who completely understood my predicament. She discussed my options with me and was very helpful indeed. I booked. Since that initial booking, I have been super happy with France Removals. Their service is brilliant!
Kyree D.08/05/2013
I don't move very often so I really have no idea who to trust when it comes to removal companies. A lot of people I know tell me that most moving companies are awful and it's better to do it yourself. Removals to France was suggested to me by my son. I decided to give them a call one day and was greeted by a lovely woman who was very kind and helpful. She provided me with a great amount of handy information. In the end, I booked a date. On moving day, the team of removal men arrived right on time and without having to ask them, got straight to loading. And everything went well from there. I've got to say, I was very impressed with them.
Jaxson A.20/04/2013
Not long ago, my boss dropped the biggest bombshell on me: I need to move office in three days. It really stressed me out because I knew I wouldn't find a removals company willing to move my belongings in such short notice. I explained this to my boss and he told me he knew of a great company I should use: Movers france. Well, they were indeed a great company. They were more than willing to move me within three days and they didn't charge me any extra for it either. Well recommended.
K. Faulk15/04/2013
As a full-time careerist I tend to move office quite regularly and what I wanted more than anything was to find a removals company that I could hire on a frequent basis. It would save a great amount of time in the long run. A guy from work told me he used Removals to France. I don't usually take advice from other people but I called them up anyway, not really thinking they'd be any good. But they were excellent, better than I'd ever thought them to be. The initial correspondence with customer service went well and they gave me useful information. So I booked a date, of course. They were fantastic!
G. Nye10/04/2013
I used RemovalsFrance when I moved overseas two months ago. All I can say is that this removals company is fantastic. I haven't got a bad word to say about them at all. I think what makes them better than the rest is that they treat their customers with respect. They even offer personalised moving packages - at no extra charge. I just think they are great and I've never been with a removals company like that before. If you're contemplating using them, stop hesitating now and book a date with them. You are guaranteed a faultless service. They won't let you down. I will be using them again and again from now on.
Josh Valdes25/03/2013
This is the third time I have used Movers france and I'm still just as happy with them as I was the first time I used them. They still treat me well, as though I am a new customer and they have maintained their level of professionalism. I think that's great. Few companies do that. As soon as they persuade you to hire them, they don't try so hard afterwards. Whereas Movers france do. They are great from start to finish. They never disappoint you. Fantastic company!
Aya E.20/03/2013
I had a lot of valuable to move from my home and although I'd got the transportation part of the relocation sorted out, I really needed help with the packing. I tried doing it myself but only made a mess of things so I contacted Moving France, a removals company a relative recommended and they told me they could do it whenever I like. Inevitably, I hired them. When the team came to pack a couple of days later, I was impressed by their professionalism. The team was diligent, competent and at the same, careful with my items. It was amazing to watch them work. Well recommended.
Shiann Rowley15/03/2013
The excellent removals team from Moving France moved our stuff to our new apartment in the city two months ago and we would like to say a big thank you for doing so. My girlfriend and I were moving for the first time and we were stressing over it all because of our lack of experience. The guys at Moving France really helped us a lot and it made the process of moving so much more straight forward and not at all stressful like we had imagined. We both have recommended you to all our friends and family. It was an honor to work such a professional company.
Jami Beckwith10/03/2013
I recently moved to a new flat with Removals to France and I'd just like to say how happy I was with your service. From the very beginning, when I first phoned up, I was impressed with how competent customer service was and I knew I couldn't turn down this company. When it came to moving day, the guys were really helpful and hard working. They even help me take my boxes up to the third floor without a lift. I couldn't have done it without them. Just so you know, I recommend this company to anyone wanting a professional service at great value for money.
Kaia Thompson05/03/2013
After reading tonnes of helpful reviews on the removal services from Moving France I decided to hire the company for my move. I have now relocated and am living happily at my new house. The relocation process went by quickly and was painless too! I felt that the company had my best interests at heart and they kept me informed at all times regarding my situation and my move. Fantastic company and very helpful team!
Jadyn Staley26/02/2013
I highly recommend this company as no other company offers such low priced and high quality services that Movers france does. Moving with this company was simple and easy. There was no messing about or inconvenience. Thanks to everyone who dealt with me.
Lia Paz21/02/2013
I recently downsized and was worried about not being able to fit all of my belongings in to my new property and on top of this, the move was rather emotional, as I was leaving the house in which I had raised my family. The last thing I needed was a bad removals company and a bad relocation experience, but after hiring RemovalsFrance and speaking to their team of superb moving experts, I found that this was not likely to happen with this company. They took care of my items when they moved them and were very careful when they carried my boxes and bags too. They knew just what they were talking about and could answer all of my questions and concerns without fail! Bravo to you all and thanks!
Arleth P.13/02/2013
If you are worried about relocating then don't! I recently moved to a new flat and I hired France Removals to take care of the removal work. They did in fact take care of the removals work and welcomed me to call them at any time in case I had a problem or enquiry that I needed help and assistance with. Relocating with France Removals was so easy that I didn't feel stress out or concerned at any point of the process. It wasn't really until moving day that I actually realised that I was in the middle of a relocation process, but even that went really smooth too! Great job, fantastic removals company and I would definitely recommend!
D. Kovach08/02/2013
Big thank you to Removals to France for helping me move to my new apartment. All I can say is that I was completely satisfied with all that you did and if I have to move again, I'll be calling you. You guys from the removal team - thanks so much! You were a big help. Also thanks to customer service for your never ending advice and support. It just made my whole move much simpler and much more enjoyable. It wasn't hectic either and that is all down to you. Keep your service the same and your prices low and you have a constant customer - me!
E. Mehta03/02/2013
When my husband and I went on our 12 month honeymoon across the world, we needed a reliable removals company that offered storage services where we could store our possessions to make sure they kept safe during our long break away. Moving France was that particular company. They were reliable, honest and professional. They kept our precious possessions in immaculate condition when we were away and nothing got broken. We both feel very fortunate to have found a wonderful company like Moving France. They treated us kindly and delivered a wonderful service.
Dyllan E.29/01/2013
Since moving house with and nbsp; RemovalsFrance I have realised that it isn and rsquo;t all that bad. Relocating is not a problem in the least, especially when you have a company that is made up of relocation experts at hand. If you don and rsquo;t have a team to rely on then it can be too much and that is where the problems can kick in but this company are great and I can and rsquo;t think of any disadvantages about using their services. Thank you RemovalsFrance!
D. Speer24/01/2013
Thanks to all the removals staff and office personnel at RemovalsFrance. Who knew moving didn and rsquo;t have to involve the hard work and stress that people go on about?! Fantastic removal services and I am glad to say how happy I am.
Eleni Ohara19/01/2013
Just used and nbsp; Removals to France for my home relocation and was really satisfied with the results. No fuss, no hassle and overall everything could not have gone better! I was dreading moving house but everyone I spoke to here made all my doubts vanish. Thank you to all of those who helped me out and ndash; much appreciated!
Carlee R.14/01/2013
When I decided to move my whole office floor to a new location, I was skeptical about which company to employee to take care of this task for me. Most companies would not dream of taking on such a big job and most of them would be incapable of doing so anyway. When your business is at stake like that it can be very stressful and worrying, but the professionals at and nbsp; RemovalsFrance assured me that they were fit for the job and they proved that to me in more ways than one. Not only was my removal relatively inexpensive for the amount of work involved, no inconvenience was caused. Thank you once again!
Kinsley Mauldin09/01/2013
I am a very hard person to please but Removals to France were extremely patient and made this stressful day hassle free. They followed all of my directions, delivered and put all of the boxes wherever I wanted them around my new home. Best regards!
Shelbie Irvin02/01/2013
If anyone needs dependable, hard-working and honest movers I can strongly recommend the great team from Moving France. This is the best company I have ever dealt with for a removal. Their team is very well-organised and they all work together. Kind regards!
Milo Flores28/12/2012
Based on recommendations I've recently used Removals to France to move my furniture from my old flat to a new 2-bedroom house in Kensington. Three men and a lorry showed up for the job and loaded everything very fast and carefully. Nothing was dirty or lost in the end. Thank you!
Meg Luttrell23/12/2012
I am thrilled with the service I received from Moving France. They were kind, strong, prompt and efficient. I felt assured that my possessions were in good hands. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for this moving team.
D. Darling18/12/2012
I have used the services of Removals to France three times so far and have been very happy with them. They really make me feel comfortable. The employees are always on time, polite and friendly. I have already recommended them to all of my friends and family.
Madelynn Russo13/12/2012
The 3 guys that moved us 2 weeks ago were from Movers france. This was the first time in 5 moves that we moved on our own and it was by far the best experience we have ever had. They managed everything with care and delivered my items without a scratch.
Judah Rich08/12/2012
Moving France helped me move from my old flat to a new 2-bedroom house and I was completely satisfied with their services. They wrapped everything for me and even double wrapped some of my most valuable items. Thank you very much!
Jaxon E.03/12/2012
I have never had such an experience with any other removal company. The company staff were well-mannered, helpful and reliable. None of my valuable items was damaged or even dirty. I would recommend them to everyone because they are real professionals.
Kamron Kellogg28/11/2012
Value was the reason we chose Movers france to help us with our big house removal and we were not at all disappointed. My parents moved with them 2 months ago and I could honestly say, “you get what you pay for”. All of our items were treated with care and nothing was broken or even scratched.
Linsey Washburn23/11/2012
I would like to send my thanks to the moving team from France Removals. They were very kind and careful. Another big thank you to Alan - their representative, he was also polite and very, very helpful. Fantastic company!
A. Byler18/11/2012
I hired Moving France to help me move from my old house in Bristol to a new one in Newport. It was a whole new experience for me and I wanted it to be perfect. Thanks to Moving France everything went well. I will recommend their company to all of my friends.
Alejandro A.13/11/2012
It was my first time moving out from London and this was a really stressful process for me. Moving France was recommended to me to help with my move and I was really happy with them. They made the worst day of my life feel like it was an ordinary day. Thank you very much!
Dashawn Stewart08/11/2012
This was the best money I have spent in a long time. The price was less than my expectations and the service was outstanding. The moving crew worked very hard and were very courteous. I am hoping not to move any time soon, but if I do I will call Movers france again.
Sahil Ferrell03/11/2012
One of the best moving experience I have ever had was with Moving France. I moved from England to Spain and I was in need of professional services. The moving crew they sent me were polite and helped me wrap everything. They were also careful with my items when loading and unloading them. I am glad I chose Moving France. I rate them as an A+ service provider.
Wilfredo Elmore29/10/2012
I am very happy with the services of RemovalsFrance. They made my life so much easier helping me with my office relocation. The movers were courteous, friendly and extremely careful. They got everything in the truck in one load. Thank you very much. Best regards!
C. Minor24/10/2012
I thought moving would be very stressful, but thanks to the movers of France Removals everything was handled properly. From the beginning to the end the movers were prompt and helpful. They also helped me put most of the furniture in the right places. If you need professionals for your removal do not hesitate to contact them.
Enzo Myles19/10/2012
I had to move my mother's piano to her new home and I was told by a friend to call France Removals for help. The representative from their office was polite and helpful - she even fitted me in for the next possible day. I was very nervous on the day of the move, but thanks to the great movers everything went well. You should have seen my mother's face when her piano arrived in perfect condition. I will recommend France Removals to any of my friends!
K. Mace14/10/2012
I would like to express my sincerest thanks to the team of movers from Movers france. These guys deserved every penny. I had a big house removal and the crew from Movers france made this long day stress free for me and my family. I couldn't thank them enough!
Alvaro Lemons09/10/2012
I have used Movers france three times now and I have been impressed by their good services every time. Each time, they have been kind, helpful and careful. I can see they are total professionals in what they do. I have never had problems with them and I will keep using their great services.
Chassidy Holliday04/10/2012
I moved from Leeds to Romania 5 weeks ago with the kind help of Removals to France. I had a very positive experience and I will recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good and honest company.
Keira C.29/09/2012
I had an excellent experience with the moving team of RemovalsFrance. The movers were professional and worked very quickly. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family who need movers.
Santino Sandlin24/09/2012
I realized that hiring a professional moving company cost me less than I thought, because last time I moved my furniture all by myself and it took me more than a month and a lot of my things were broken or damaged. I moved the furniture from my old house to a new flat in the city and this time a friend of mine recommended Moving France to help me. I have to say these movers were perfect. All of my furniture is here, nothing is even scratched. They provided great value for the money!
Montana C.19/09/2012
I am amazed with the RemovalsFrance crew. These guys did everything for me and tried to make sure that I was completely happy with their work. They were all fast, clean and kind. This is the best company ever!
Melina Su14/09/2012
I just received my possessions and want to express my thankfulness to the crew of Removals to France. All my furniture is in good shape, no scratches. Thank you very much for being careful.
Coral S.09/09/2012
This moving company is really great. They made our moving day stress free. The communication was also great. Their rep was always there for me answering my questions. Best Regards!
Alec Craven04/09/2012
France Removals recently moved us from South London to a new home in West London. Due to my job I had to move a couple of times before and I had terrible experiences with moving companies. I just decided that I have to say now that France Removals was the best company I have ever dealt with. The time was kept as promised, my items were loaded and unloaded very gently. I am so glad to recommend and use this company. Thank you!
Matthew B.30/08/2012
I can't believe I am going to write a positive review about a moving company, but France Removals did a really fantastic job for me. They were the first moving company which double wrapped some of my belongings, and were very careful not to break anyhing or to scratch my walls. They really knew what they were doing and did it very quickly. Thank you for everything. I wish you success!
S. Gonzales25/08/2012
The moving men I did business with were great. The rep person from RemovalsFrance organized everything and everybody strictly followed the instructions. Both pick up and drop off went smoothly.
Tiara Earle20/08/2012
This was my third time using France Removals and as the last two times they did an excellent job for me and my family. I really appreciate their kindness and help. I have never had problems with them, which is why I keep using their services and recommending them to all of my friends.
Silvia Whipple15/08/2012
Excellent value for my money. France Removals were very friendly and courteous. The whole move was organized so professionally. This company provided me with truly hassle free services.
Zachery W.10/08/2012
I had to relocate my family, because I was asked to move my office at short notice. I got the word on Thursday and had to complete the move by Monday. I can't explain how stressful these couple of days were for me and my family. RemovalsFrance were sent by my company and they worked very efficiently. They did a great job for me, without any problems or lost boxes. They provided very impressive services.
Annmarie Hu05/08/2012
Removals to France moved me from the campus to a new flat and I am very happy with their services. The communication before, during and after the move were excellent and I was impressed with the speed these guys worked with. I am recommending your company to all of my friends from the university who need a hand.
Amalia Burch31/07/2012
France Removals has a fantastic team of movers. I had to move to a new office and my colleagues referred me to this professional company's services. At first I was skeptical, but decided to go with them. They booked me for the next available day and sent me two men, who seemed very friendly. They did the job in no time and delivered everything in perfect condition. I was most curious about my boxes with very important files, but everything is here. I am very grateful to the France Removals team and wish them the best of luck!
R. Crouch26/07/2012
I moved from a 2 bedroom flat to 4 bedroom house. We had a lot of furniture and stuff to move. This is why we had to hire the professionals and Moving France was recommended to us. It took their crew about 10 hours to do everything and the total price was lower than I expected. Excellent value for our money.
Cassie P.21/07/2012
Using the services of Moving France actually saved me money. They were friendly and easy to talk on the phone with. Everything was organized and went off without any difficulties. Great value for the money!
M. Schneider16/07/2012
Movers france helped me with my storage removal one week ago. They showed up on time and did everything with professionalism. They did all the packing and the final price was the same as what they told me in the first place. My items' condition after the delivery was very good - no items stolen, damaged or lost. I highly recommend this company!
Armani D.11/07/2012
I used France Removals for my move to a new office and it was a great experience. They not only discussed my moving requirements with me, but also ensured their low price. I was more than surprised at the speed with which they wrapped up all the office stuff and moved them. And last but not least, the final price was lower than I expected. Great services!
G. Funk06/07/2012
I was moving out to Oxford for a job opportunity, and I was very confused by all of the different types of moving companies I have found on the Internet. My wife spoke to Claudia, from France Removals, and said that she had made her feel the most comfortable. I always trust a woman's intuition, so we went with France Removals, and I personally think that this was the best decision. The guys were on time and got the job done really fast. Claudia from their office even called me after the move to ask if I was satisfied with their services. Yes, I am and for me, this additional communication confirmed your great services! Thank you!
Matthias B.01/07/2012
Good customer service, they took good care of all my belongings, nothing was scratched, damaged or missing. Very happy with the service, thank you Moving France. I think your services are one of the best on the market.
Randolph Loy26/06/2012
I am so satisfied with Moving France. I have never used a moving company before and I am so glad that my first experience went pretty good. The crew showed up right on time, they actually brought an additional helper for no extra charge. I couldn't be more satisfied. Best Regards!
Braulio G.19/06/2012
I used Removals to France for my storage removal and I didn't have a single item broken, the men were very nice, and even had me look in the truck after they had unloaded everything. I've had some horror stories in the past with moving, and this was by far the best experience that I have had. I recommend this company to everyone who needs a professional hand.
Madelin Duran14/06/2012
If you are looking for the best care available when you decide to move you need to contact RemovalsFrance. Before I hired them I had had a bad experience with another company. After the job was perfectly finished by RemovalsFrance, I was convinced that they are the best removals company.
Alejandro Samson07/06/2012
Movers france offers superb service and the cheapest possible prices. The whole process was stress-free and everything went fine. If I ever need to move again I will definitely hire them.
Rocco A.02/06/2012
The whole reason you hire a moving company is because you don't want your things to be broken while moving them. That's why I can recommend France Removals. They helped me to move everything in my store last weekend and everything went really well, without any items missing. Great company.
Kate B.28/05/2012
I'm surprised that it took me so long to find Moving France. I'd used other companies before but they all failed to deliver my things as I wanted - unharmed. You really managed to impress me with the quality of your work.
Elvis B.23/05/2012
Many thanks to Movers france. I used their removals and storage service because I was moving to a smaller flat. So I decided to rearrange things first before establishing the new place. They are really amazing professionals and deserve the reputation they have.
Jaylyn S.18/05/2012
My wife and I needed to shift in a hurry, so we contacted Removals to France. We were a bit tense because we had to do it all in such a short time. But Removals to France really helped us out. They helped us with the packing as well. I have never used this kind of service before, but they have left us with a very good impression.
Griselda Fallon13/05/2012
The amount Removals to France asked came in less than anything I was quoted by other movers. Total move took 4 hours. They really took control of everything and made sure it was hassle free. I didn't have any broken furniture or other items.
I. Neal08/05/2012

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