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Tips to Avoid Potential Problems with Tenants
08 April 2011
Tips to Avoid Potential Problems with Tenants
For owners of the house or the apartment it is a must that before the moving in or moving out happens, clear inspection of the house should be made.  The inspection will allow both the tenant and the landlord to be free from any other obligation after the move out. 
In order to have clear understanding about what an effective inspection is all about, the following common damages should be understood by both parties (the lessor and the lessee):
a.       The normal wear and tear damage that is more often being experienced by us.  When you buy a specific thing, it usually has a lifespan.  That lifespan will tell the users as to how long this thing shall last until it meets its terminable days.  However, the tenant should be able to understand how to differentiate the normal wear and tear and the deliberate damage being inflicted to common goods that we buy.
b.      Damages caused by natural happenings like typhoon, rains, fire, and even earthquake.  You see, when parts of the house are exposed to too much water or sun rays, the more that they become looking haggard and worn out.  This should be considered as damage not caused by the user. 
These are just some of the tips that tenants and apartment owners should understand. 

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