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Tips on How to Save on Movers' Fees
08 October 2010
Tips on How to Save on Movers' Fees
If you have the budget it would be ideal to hire the complete services of the removals company. While this will cost you more, you also enjoy the convenience. However, since not everyone has the luxury of having a huge budget, you should be creative in finding ways to save and still end up with a convenient move.
Removals can charge by the hour. So if this is the case, you must facilitate faster removals. You must make sure that the elevators are ready for them. You should also reserve the parking space that is nearest your exit. If the company charges by the weight like in longer travels, you should minimize the items to be transported. You can do this by disposing the excess items first before packing. You can also replace the items like furniture that can easily be replaced.
You can also time your move during days when there are fewer people move. For instance moving in the middle of the week or the middle of the month usually costs less than moving during weekends and month ends.
To get the best deal in the market though you should get free quotes from at least 3 removals companies. And make sure the quotes are written and bonding. An estimator should visit your place to give an accurate quote. By comparing quotes and included services, you will be able to choose what comes out cheaper.
To even minimize the costs you can have a self service move so all you have to pay for is the vehicle and the driver. With the help of family and friends your move can still be completed smoothly.

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