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Things You Can't Forget when Moving
27 November 2010
Things You Can't Forget when Moving
It is easy to forget about some important things when you are moving on tight schedule. There is so much to prepare and so many things to accomplish. However, before you get yourself too occupied with the packing and moving, it is extremely important that you keep an eye on these important things that most people often forget.
Change of Address
Inform all the mailers about your change of address so you can avoid missing important mails and late deliveries.
Important Documents
Sometimes we have no idea how much documents and records we have until we are moving and we have to pile them in one place. Use a paperclip and make sure that all the records and documents are there, including your medical records, birth certificate, work and school records and so forth. Keep them in an envelope and place them in an accessible location while you move.
Borrowed Items
As you pack, designate a separate box that will contain all your borrowed stuff. Returning borrowed items should not take much of your time, especially if the items were just borrowed from the neighbors.
It can be an inconvenience to the new homeowner and an embarrassment on your part if you forget to leave the keys of the home and the garage. Before you lock the door, ask a neighbor or a friend to keep the keys until the new owner arrives. Also, don't forget to collect all the spare keys you may have given to friends and neighbors 

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