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The Right Choice of a Removals Company
25 August 2012
The Right Choice of a Removals Company
If you have been through a house removal before, then you are aware of all the little and big things you need to consider and everything you have to pay for. On the other hand, if you have never done a house removal before, then you are up for a big challenge. The amount of planning and preparation is huge and it has to start months before the actual moving day. If you are moving with your family and your entire household, then there is no way you can do that without even a little bit of help. First and foremost, you need to contact a removals company which can offer you a variety of services - packing, loading, transportation, unpacking and even cleaning. Overall, the market of removals has about 20 % of established companies and 80% or freelance services, man-and-van and small businesses. That's why it can be quite hard to find the best service for your removal. The big selection of companies can quickly be narrowed though, based on your clear requirements. Do you want a small move? Then look among man-and-van services. Can your family and friends help you pack? Do you have to do a long-distance or an international move? Do you want the best company on the market and are you willing to pay a bit more? Do you insist on full coverage? Answering these questions will give you a much clearer idea of what you need and what your budget should be. Finding a good company to trust with all your belongings and furniture is not an easy task. Choosing the first company on the yellow pages or in local listings is not very reasonable. The business of house removals is a profitable one, but it also involves lots of trust. Don't be surprised to find out that there are companies out there who would try to scam you, steal your items, take them as hostage and charge you extra. Here are a few things you need to do while choosing the right removals company for the job.

1.    Talk to your friends or business contacts
You have a better chance of finding a reputable company if you simply ask around. Chances are at least some of your friends can recommend you one. Get a quote and talk to the manager. Avoid making fast decisions though as you might receive a better quote from another company. Get a quote from at least 4-5 removals companies that you consider trustworthy.

2.    Ask for insurance for your belongings
This is one of the signs of a good removals company - you wouldn't have to insist for coverage, they would simply offer you one or include it in the price of the service. Breakables and valuables are always at risk during the transportation, so make sure you get insurance for damage and theft.

3.    Get references
Your removal will go well if the people you hire have the experience and training and know what they are doing. They should provide you with references from former clients, so make a few phone calls to be extra sure.

4.    Relax and make a day out of it
Sit and try to relax before the moving day. Think that you are moving to a new place, you will meet new people and this is a big change to your usual routine. Be excited about that change and don't stress too much. As long as you have chosen the right company, the house removal will go smoother than you think.

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