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The Family that Moves Together Feels No Stress at All
18 September 2010
The Family that Moves Together Feels No Stress at All
Give your family a break when you move by keeping them away from the possible moving troubles. Or, if troubles come along your way, make sure your family is prepared to face them.
When you move with your family, communication should be open all the time. They deserve to know the real situation and they can contribute anything to make the entire move successful. The success of the move depends on how each member of the family cope with it.
Don't hide things from your family especially to your children. They should know the reasons for your move. You can ask them about how they feel about the move so you will know how to help them adjust. Tell them that moving is just a part of life that they have to get over with. Let them make simple decisions and accomplish something like when you do packing. Then encourage them to do better so they can perform well.
But, if your children are too young to know and get involved, the more you have to be sensitive about their condition. Sure, parents do feel stressed and pressure when you move, but most importantly children suffer, too. Be caring all the time because sooner or later you will be staying in your new place.


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