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Ten Things You Should do Before Moving
07 June 2012
Ten Things You Should do Before Moving
There is always something to be done, especially when making a move and if it is a long distance move there are even more things you should make sure you do before leaving. This list will go over some of the common things that should be taken care of before leaving to another location, whether it is far away or just around the corner. If you have kids, than this list is very important to take note of, so you can avoid a headache later down the line.

1)    Collect any medical records for your family or yourself if you are moving a distance away, this is extremely important if you have kids.

2)    If you are going to school or you have kids who are in school remember to get any school records so that you will not have to track them down later. Your kids will need these to start their new enrollment, so if you have them make sure not to forget this one.

3)    Go to the utility department and get your utilities switched off and out of your name. This is something that is quite
commonly forgotten and can lead to a world of debt if someone takes advantage of this after you move out.

4)    Arrange with your landlord if you were renting to do a walkthrough of the place you are renting so that, your deposit is not forfeited. This is very important because any discrepancies can be dealt with at that very moment.

5)    Arrange with the landlord or reality company to pick up your copy of the property keys. This is something else that can sometimes have an effect on the status of your deposit.

6)    If possible go to your new place ahead of time before officially moving in, to do a quick cleaning and lay out a plan to the unpacking.

7)    Arrange with neighbors or the city ahead of time and secure any permitting needed if any for the moving van, truck or car, in case there is the possibility of a fine for blocking access to an area during loading. This is especially important to avoid fines or disputes with neighbors.

8)    Remember to always let a trusted neighbor know the address of your new abode so that if anything is left behind or an issue with the property comes up they know how to get in touch with you.

9)    Change your address at the post office, so you do not lose track of important mail. This is commonly forgotten and frequently leads to debt, from people missing payments from bills that are out of the blue.

10)    Remember to always speak to the removal company if you are using one of course about the time of arrival and any other details that will help the removal run more smoothly.

These ten things to do are quite commonly forgotten and if you just remember these little things you are sure to not run into any problems later.

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