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Rules to Observe when Moving out of Rental Properties
22 November 2012
Rules to Observe when Moving out of Rental Properties
People who move into new homes can be moving out of property they have rented. They may not have such vast amounts of belongings, but they also need Man and Van services to have their belongings transported, and they need to clear and clean their rental property, so that they can leave it in as good condition as it was in when they moved in some time ago. Landlords insist on rental properties being left in order, without heavy wear and tear owing to negligent handling. Otherwise they can chose not to return bonds owing to negligence and damage to the property.

To move out of rental properties as smoothly and promptly as possible, people should choose the period nearing the end of their lease. They should inform their landlords that they intend to move into another property which is to belong to them, and then they should go on to have their removal carried out, or carry it out on their own. Afterwards they should get back to the property they rented to clean every room and nook thoroughly. Talking to the landlord on the condition in which the rental property should be left is essential, to clarify matters such as wall colour. If people have changed the colour of the walls during the period of the rental, they should ask the landlord if he would like to have it painted in the original colour again. Landlords often insist on that, and if they have to do it themselves after the tenants have moved out, they will change those tenants for the activity they have to do to restore the colour they prefer.

Other changes that have been carried out by people leaving rental properties to move to their own homes should also be considered. Often tenants have shelves on the walls and use nails to hang those shelves; after they remove the shelves, the holes left by the nails should be well patched.

Carpets in rental properties are another area to attend to and clean thoroughly. Hiring a steamer to achieve thorough cleaning is the best method. Also people moving out can choose to wash carpets and rugs to leave them clean, in conformity with the good practice of leaving rental property. Curtains should also be washed or cleaned.

After the rental property has been cleaned and cleared, and the walls have been attended to, as well as the carpets and curtains washed or cleaned in another way, it is necessary to go through the rental property together with the landlord. Taking notes is a good idea to ensure that there are no surprise deductions made for damages after the tenants leave the rental property.

Removals to new homes when people are leaving rental properties should be accompanied by good care taken to leave those properties in good condition, to match the state in which they have found them and to avoid having to pay extra for damages or wear and tear, or not cleaning or clearing properly. All these things should be taken into consideration before moving from a rental apartment to a new house.

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