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Relocating Overseas is Always an Adventure
30 July 2012
Relocating Overseas is Always an Adventure
Relocating overseas is always an adventure. Whether you are looking for better job prospects, moving to be with someone, to a better position or simply for the thrill of adventure, deciding to pack your life away and start anew somewhere else is as daring a decision as you can make.  Of course, taking this step holds it's rewards and can be a completely positive experience. There are however, some negative sides and the most important one is the stress of the relocation itself. However, to avoid or minimize it, this article provides several important points which you should always consider when moving abroad. Be aware that these are only some points relating to the removals and not a comprehensive guide to all aspects of a relocation. The advice here is meant to get you started on the planning and execution of your relocation and while it does not provide specific information on the regulation on different countries, it is meant to get you thinking about the details and logistics of the removal.

1.    Find an appropriate company. Be aware that not all removers conduct international moves. Those that do are few and far between, however, do not settle for the first option you come across. As with all removals, you should be thorough with your research, get opinions and testimonials from as many people as possible, get quotes from more than two firms, etc.

2.    Find out whether the company you've selected will deal with all of the administrative issues around transporting your belongings across borders. A lot of international removers do deal with this, or at least help along with the process, but if your chosen company doesn't, you will have to do this by yourself. Which leads us to:

3.    Find out the import regulations of your destination country. To arrange for your items to be let in through customs, you will need your visa or residence permit, passport and whatever else the law of your destination country states, so make sure you have all of the necessary documentation before proceeding. If you feel daunted by the entire process, you may want to pick a company, which will help you through it.

4.    The above applies for pets as well. Relocating a pet is challenging even within one country, but when dealing with international relocation, the matter becomes even more complicated. Each state has it's own separate regulations for the vaccinations, health status and identification of imported animals. Therefore, you should check the requirements of the destination country a few months in advance, to make sure  that your pet will be allowed to enter the country.

5.    Naturally, you should pack all of your belongings as safely as possible, but avoid locking crates and lorries, as you will have to pass through customs.

6.    Do not forget to redirect incoming mail to your new address. This should be done during any move, but it is especially important when you're moving overseas and cutting off some of your major information channels.

7.    Move as few items as possible. Do not take with you anything that can be bought upon arrival. You will be spending a few days shopping for your new home and your new life, so feel free to declutter as much as possible at your old one.
Moving to another country is always a hassle, but it can be a lot faster and simpler, if you follow these few simple steps.

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