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Organizing, Preparing and Packing Your Things during a Move
28 May 2012
Organizing, Preparing and Packing Your Things during a Move
When you're planning a move, there are dozens of small and big details to take care of. Choosing a removals company, organizing your things, packing the items to bring with you on the move, cutting off your subscriptions, unplugging the electrical appliances and packing them - the list just goes on and on. If you're not careful, you might end up being confused about which tasks you've already done and which ones you still have to do. Fortunately, you can always create a to-do list so that you can cross out the things you accomplished and see what you have yet to do for the move.
Make Plenty of Progress during a Move
Basically, there are three stages that you need to go through before the movers actually collect your packed boxes and load them onto the truck. The stages are organizing, preparing and packing. Here is a more detailed look at the individual tasks involved in each:
1.     Organizing.
Once you have finalized the date of the move, proceed with the first step which is to organize your things. Have a pile where you can put the items that you simply have no use for, so throw them away. Resist the temptation to bring over to your new home all the junk which you might have accumulated over the years. For the useable items, you can either donate them or make money out of them in a yard sale. The last pile should be all the things that you need to bring with you on the move.
2.     Preparing.
Next, prepare all the packaging supplies that you would need. Instead of simply rummaging in the attic for old carton boxes, buy professional-grade moving boxes. These would not get crushed when put on top of each inside the moving truck. As a result the things inside will not get damaged even during the bumpiest ride as your things are being transported from point A to point B. You should also buy bubble wrap, find some old blankets which you can use to cushion breakable things inside the boxes, purchase pairs of scissors, cutters and packaging tape.
3.     Packing.
Then, you would need to proceed with the packing. Make sure that each box is not too heavy - the individual boxes need to be carried out by one individual only. Label the boxes based on which room at the new house they're supposed to be in so that it will be easier to unload them. It's also important to have an "Open me first!" box. This should include all the essentials that you need for a week's worth of surviving in the new place so you won't have to rummage through all the unopened boxes when you need something. Put in there a few bathroom essentials, kitchen utensils, beddings and a few days' worth of clothes change.
About a week before you move, consume all the food in the refrigerator, then defrost and unplug it. Clean the inside of the fridge and leave the door open for about a couple of days to get rid of the moisture. If possible, use the same box which your electrical appliances came with when packing them again for the move. Follow these tips so that you can have an organized, hassle-free move.

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