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Why Living in a House is Better than Living in an Apartment
18 July 2012
Why Living in a House is Better than Living in an Apartment
There may be a time in your life when you need to move from your house to an apartment. The reasons can be numerous - you do not need such a big house anymore, you need to move to a city where you cannot afford a house, you want to lower your maintenance costs, etc. Whatever your reasons are you have to consider many things. Size is one of them as you are going to be downsizing. You should also get used to the neighbors who live just behind the wall. It will be not easy to organize such a move, but here are some tips that can help you.

First of all, you need to know how much space you are going to lose. Proper estimations will help you get a clear idea of how much room you will have so that you can get rid of items that will not fit. Measuring your new bedrooms and living room is a good beginning, as you can clear out old clothes or books or blankets. Make sure you also check for extra cabinet space in the bathroom and kitchen. Keep in mind that an uncluttered house is far nicer than one stuffed to the rafters.

You should also remember that you will no longer have a yard. So you'd better decide what you will do with your yard equipment such as lawn mower, leaf vacuums, weed eater, and metal rake or garden horse. Selling them is the smartest move as you will not only get rid of things you will not need but you will also make some extra cash. It will be hard to get used to not having a yard so it is my advice to find an apartment that is close to a park. This way you will handle the change easier.

Living in a house gives you freedom and privacy. Once you move from a house to an apartment you will lose these privileges. You will need to get used to the neighbors that will be all around you. It will be much more loader and your privacy will be impaired. My advice is to choose wisely an apartment situated on the end of the building. This will provide you with some peace and tranquility. The only disadvantage of this strategy is the fact that your electricity bill will probably increase.

If you still have a lot of items for which you cannot find place but you want to keep you can consider renting a self-storage unit. There you can store furniture, personal belongings or equipment that you cannot store in your new apartment but you still want to keep for future needs. Such a facility offers affordable prices and tailor made solutions for each costumer so this service will most probably meet your needs and requirements. Keep in mind, though, that storing is a bad investment. If you do not need something now you may never need it. Thus, it is better to sell such items and make extra money instead of storing them and spend extra money.

Some people get depressed if they have to move from a house to an apartment. But instead of getting sad you should think for the benefits of such a move - you will have a much smaller  space to clean, and you will no longer have to worry about your sidewalk or yard maintenance, etc. It is always better to see the benefits of such a change, as there defiantly are many of them. Such a decision will most probably turn into a smart move.

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