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How to Help an Elder Move in a Retirement Home
14 September 2011
How to Help an Elder Move in a Retirement Home
Do your homework
Any planning should begin with proper research. If possible, visit the actual site of the house where the elder would stay and measure dimensions to identify which furniture would fit well. Most houses in retirement homes are compact. Hence, it is best to bring only the essentials.

Prepare packing supplies
The next step is to gather packing supplies. You will need lots of moving boxes, plastic bags, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape and markers. As you do this, you may begin contacting helpers you need for the relocation. Among these are real estate agents, moving companies, appraisers, cleaners and repair men.

Begin packing
The packing must be accomplished by one family member and the elder himself. You don't need too many people in this process. Together, sort out goods. Decide which items the elder must get rid of. Elders tend to hold on to lots of stuff. Help him pick out the essentials. This is also the high time to bring the appraiser over to appraise the items with significant value. Valuable items may be auctioned to local antique dealers.

After categorizing, you are ready to pack. Don't forget to mark each box you complete to ensure the boxes go to their intended location.

Arrival at the Retirement Home
One you reach the retirement community, assist the elder in the move-in process. You may not be able to unpack everything in one day. So, start with the elder's essentials. If the essentials as well as the items important to him ear unpacked first, it would be easier for him to get comfortable in the house.

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