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Home Inventory is Necessary before You Move
28 September 2010
Home Inventory is Necessary before You Move
During the de-cluttering of your house you should have made an inventory. You must have listed down your items before the actual move. It's very essential to have an organized packing. To do this you must have labelled all the boxes which room they need to be placed. This will make it easier for you to arrange, pack and unpack your things.
A moving company will not provide you an inventory. It's all about you who need to do this. So before they come to your place and load your things, you must have a complete inventory. You also need to take some photos of everything you have. This is to ensure you will not lose anything during the process of moving. The pictures taken will also serve as evidence that own everything you've packed. This will also prove the condition of the appliances before you move. In short, these proofs will help you claim replacement or reimbursement in case of loss or accidents.
Moving items need to have a complete checklist. When accidents, damages or loss are addressed, you can claim insurance and warranty anytime from the removal company you have hired. So, do not forget to have an inventory before you pack and move your things.

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