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Characteristics Of A Perfect Self Storage Company
27 June 2012
Characteristics Of A Perfect Self Storage Company
Self storage companies gain more and more recognition and people come to appreciate the benefits of having that extra storage they don't have at their homes. However, some of these facilities don't provide enough quality and security. Many self-storage businesses have emerged because of the growing popularity and demand for storage, but this doesn't mean that they all offer the best service. In order to know more about self-storage and what it has to offer, you should look into this on your own.
 Basic Features of Self-Storage Companies and Their Facilities:

•    Size: Most companies offer units in a standard size which can store moderately big items as well as small ones. If you are in need of a unit - smaller or bigger, you can request that. Keep in mind that the size affects the price considerably, so only rent a place you will fully use.

•    Transportation: Most self-storage companies don't offer transportation, but a few companies can transport your belongings at an extra cost. If you don't have the time or the means to do it, it is worth paying a bit more but having your goods transported safely to the unit.

•    Security, Privacy and Protection: These basic features are of significant importance to any client and shouldn't be overlooked. The first thing to look for is a self-storage facility in a safe area, which is not too far from town and therefore from the police department. Moreover, the surveillance (cameras, alarms, guards) should be immaculate. If the self-storage owner actually means business they would invest in reliable security features. You should be the only one keeping a key to the unit and it's better not to discuss with others the content of your unit.

•    Maintenance: The self-storage facilities need to be well maintained at all times.

•    Storage: The storage unit needs to be of adequate capacity and functionality. This includes proper shelving, compartments and others. If the storage unit doesn't have shelves, you probably won't be allowed to put your own, or you'll just have to use movable ones. The monthly fee has to be reasonable for the offered space. Compare prices online and don't agree to anything that looks like the owner is just trying to rip you off.

•    Pest Control: Inquire whether the company has taken the proper measures against hazardous conditions, such as damp, extreme heat and extreme cold, which cause cracks, brittleness and curling of sensitive items. Adequate precautions should be taken against pest such as rats, mice, etc., which can seriously damage the stored items.
Additional Services:

Many companies provide a few additional services. Some of them are:
•    Odour Repellent  and Dehumidifier: There are self-storage companies which provide their clients with Dehumidifiers so that they don't need to worry about damp conditions. A dehumidifier ensures the removal of all damp. Furthermore, in such closed spaces odours accumulate more, so you can ask for an odour repellent.

•    Packing material: If you don't know how to pack properly or what to use, you can look for self-storage which offers moving blankets, boxes and wrapping material at a reasonable cost.

All of these additional services are not a must, but they would make your self-storage experience much easier and can save you lots of stress. Consider paying a bit more if the company offers more than the basics. After all, storing your items is a big responsibility, so if you want good service, do your research and choose the best for your budget.

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