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Can Conveyance Solicitors Speed up Home Buying Process?
13 May 2011
Can Conveyance Solicitors Speed up Home Buying Process?
Hiring a conveyance solicitor is paramount when buying a home. Solicitors can help you deal with all the legal aspects involved in house buying, from translating legal terms to completing mountains of paperwork. By hiring a conveyance solicitor, not only can you speed up the lengthy process of home buying, but ensure that you are getting a fair and good deal.
Many factors come into play when determining the length of the home buying process. It can be as short as two weeks or as long as three months, depending on the chain of transactions the property has to go through. If the property is being sold for the first time, the process is likely to end at an earlier time.
Other factors that may delay the buying process include, but are not limited to repair of damage on the property, issuance of mortgage, passing surveys, house inspections and many others.
Keep in mind that no conveyance solicitor would intentionally slow down the buying process. This will not benefit him in any way. Delays in the home buying process may happen even if you have a good solicitor by your side. So, be flexible with your schedule when buying a house.
Consult a solicitor as soon as you decide to buy a property. Use his expertise to choose a property that is free from disputes so you won't have to deal with lengthy conveyancing periods.

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