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Best way to move into your new home
08 May 2012
Best way to move into your new home
Most people don't see moving into a new home as something fun, but the thought of having your new place and how great it can look is certainly a great motivator. If you know a few months in advance that you are going to have to move, then you can easily start the whole organization and planning. It may seem like a stressful task, but a good plan is essential and inevitable. In the long term a good plan is what saves you money, efforts and potential disappointments. Here are a few tips on how to make your move as fast, easy and stress-free as possible.
Plan everything in advance - this doesn't mean just thinking about it, but actually preparing a list of what you need to buy, rent and do. A poorly planned move would cost you much more money than a well-planned one. As soon as you know your moving date, start speaking to people whose help you will need. Even if you are hiring professional movers, you can save some money by organizing friends and relatives to help around the house in the packing process. Or you can even depend only on your own movers. One of the ways to attract more people to help you is any time they need help, to volunteer yourself. People would always remember and appreciate your help and would be much more willing to help you in return. Another thing to do in order to move painlessly is to start renovating your new home in advance. If you already have the keys to your new place and the space is cleared out, you can start fixing any problems around the place, painting anew, changing the floor and anything else you think needs renovation. If you do as much as you can beforehand you will be able to move and settle in in a day or two. Can you imagine having all your belongings at your new place and starting renovation then? Save yourself all that by making your new home ready for your family. If you don't have the chance to do that, hire a contractor - you can easily find one online to do all these tasks for you. A part of the moving process is gathering the supplies you need and planning your packing. Get certified boxes from retailer shops, pharmacies or department stores, accumulate newspapers and buy enough shrink wrap. Make sure you have enough material and get a clear idea on how to pack properly before you start. Determine what you actually wish to keep in your new home and do not pack old useless items - donate them or sell them in advance. This will not only save you money for packing materials but will earn you some. Don't forget to label each box with your name, what's inside and which room it goes in. This is a great time-saver for you and your moving service, if you are using one. A smart thing to do, if you are buying new furniture, is to purchase it online. It will be delivered straight to your new place which will save you the effort of packing and moving it yourself. Don't forget to deal with all the information changes such as address change, internet provider, names on bills, phone lines and so on. It looks like a small thing until you have settled in and realize you have forgotten about all of these in the rush of packing and unpacking. You can update most of your information online these days, or by making a few phone calls so take the time to sort this out.
Follow these tips and you will move into your new place in the best way.

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